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We are Making a Difference

Discovery Service Projects builds and refurbishes structures to improve people’s lives, health, and safety in the U.S. and developing countries.

International Projects

DSP has worked in 11 countries since 1987.  International projects focus on building community centers, hurricane proof homes, churches, schools, and clinics.                   

  • One building project is chosen each year in Central American or the Caribbean.
  • We employ a local foreman and laborers who direct our work.
  • Often local people volunteer with us.
  • Building skills are not required.
  • We raise money to complete the project.
    • Projects cost between $25,000 and $60,000.
  • Each person pays all his/her own expenses.
  • We work in January or February.


Each international project includes time spent in a local community, with shared meals and worship, possible visits to homes while delivering food bags and of course – sightseeing.



Domestic Projects


Each year Discovery Service Projects does home repairs in the U.S., mostly in response to natural disasters.   We have worked in LA, MS, NC, SC, MD, MO, PA, and NY.  The presence of the volunteers offers hope to each family that has endured an extreme disruption in their lives.                      

  • One U.S. project is chosen each year.
  • Each person pays his/her own transportation and expenses.
  • Expenses are low because housing and meals are in a local church.
  • Building skills are not required as there are jobs like spackling, painting, cleaning, being the helper on site.
  • This project take place in the spring.
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