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Discovery Service Projects relies on the faithful commitment of our volunteers.  By sharing your time and talents, you make it possible to continue to serve the people God brings to our attention. Every project is carefully chosen so we may bring glory to God and share His love with others.


What are people saying about DSP?

I want to go on another trip!         

My daughter’s experiences changed her attitude toward others.

I love working with neighbors of another culture. Worshipping with them. Enjoying their cuisine.

Devotions were inspiring.

Highly recommend these mission trips.

The food was amazing!!!

Things were so organized we were able to accomplish a lot!

Working and sharing with people of another culture was a wonderful experience.


 My experience with Discover Service Projects

Visiting the Iglesia Getsemaní community on the outskirts of Cancún in 2019 was my first trip with Discovery Service Projects. I’ve traveled for pleasure and education, but travel for service was an intoxicating experience – addictive, enriching, complex. You see so many ways to help. I found it difficult to process and at the same time very, very motivating. The value in a shared experience of developing relationships with strangers through side-by-side work, despite language and economic barriers surpassed my expectations.  


- Amanda



My experience with Discover Service Projects

My name is Randy Miller and I am thrilled to share about Discovery Services Projects.

When I tell people that I went to Cancun, Mexico for a mission trip, they automatically think of the beaches and entertainment.  I tell them that this trip was different.   Our hotel was in Cancun, but the mission was at least 10 miles deep into a city neighborhood with rough roads, huge potholes, lots of nice-looking dogs, a few cats, and fantastic, beautiful, heartfelt, loving on the Lord, people.  This community needed a center to hold meetings, extend the mission of their church, celebrate weddings, funerals, and parties, and to provide a place for students to go after school to learn and study.  The center would also be a safe zone during hurricanes.  This is the Cancun I want to share with you. 


I learned that people want the same thing, no matter where they live.

    Parents want to work and provide for themselves and their children. 

   They want health for their families. 

   They want addiction to be under control in their community.

   They want food on their table.

   They want their children to be educated to succeed in life.  


I learned this when our group we delivered food bags in the community and prayed with the residents receiving food.  They prayed what I pray.  They just live in different circumstances and different housing situations.  I learned that people are people and all of us have our own pathway to figure out.  Discovery’s presence provided a spirit that encouraged hope because we care.  We showed this through our social interactions, prayer, sharing food and building the community center.


This project was done with motivation that was God-focused, from the initial vision of the pastor who dreamed of the center, each worker who laid block and carried buckets, and the funding stream that made it possible.  In the name of our Lord, we stood with our Mexican friends and were humbled.


Thank you.



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